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How I work


In my work as a therapist I am primarily motivated by a desire to help individuals find authenticity and meaning in their lives. This is pursued through a process of exploration and self-discovery that examines past, present, and future. It is a process that helps clients understand how their life experience has contributed to their current circumstances. Through insight into these dynamics, individuals gain understanding and compassion for themselves and others, as well as a greater degree of freedom from past patterns of relating. To the extent that clients are freed from these blind spots and compulsions, they have more capacity to connect with their deepest nature, so that their lives can unfold in a way that brings a deeper sense of meaning, contentment, and integrity. 


I am inspired by the possibility of helping people discover and develop their potential through contact with their authentic selves. I approach each person with an attitude of openness and curiosity, and a desire to understand their unique personality and life circumstances. I attempt to tailor my approach by taking into account where clients are in their development, and what works best for them. I welcome individuals of every stripe, including persons of all sexual and gender orientations.


My work is guided by the depth and breadth of Carl Jung’s vision of the human psyche, and many other theorists and clinicians who have contributed to the field of Depth Psychology and psychotherapy generally. I bring all the tools I have at my disposal in attempting to understand and assist each unique individual, and in doing so I am grounded in my own process of self-discovery and a broad and varied life experience.


In addition to my work with individuals, I also offer couples counseling to assist couples with relationship difficulties.



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